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JP 6KW Diesel Combi Air & Water Heater
Caravan diesel parking heater D6E combi heater for motorhome, Caravan diesel heater, Diesel + Electricity, 6KW Diesel combi boiler heater

   JP 6KW Diesel Combi Air & Water Heater(PDF User Manual is available, ask for it by email. )

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JP Heater: The nice quality parking heater brand in China. Different from the cheap diesel heater, JP Heater is all about quality and decent price parking heaters. This 6KW Diesel Combi Air and Water Boiler Heater is not a new product. It supports diesel heating, electric heating. It is good for air heating and water heater. The diesel combi heater has a 10L water tank inside, so that you can install it for shower and washing. 

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How to Install: 

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Customer Installation: 



Technical sheet: 



Certificate of compliance / Certificate of compliance. Air heaters and Water heaters all passed the CE certificate.
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