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How to choose a parking heater

Parking heater is consisted of likely tens of heater parts. Every of them is important, while the quality of parts below is much more crucial when you need to choose a suitable parking heater from countless heater brands in the market. The quality of these parts also will help to separate good parking heaters from the no-good ones:

2kw LCD 标配.JPG

The Motor and Combustion Chamber

Parking heater uses fuel include diesel or petrol, to warm up the cold air from the outside and blow the hot air into the cabin. The motor and its combustion chamber is how the cold-hot air changes, and is the most valuable parts of any parking heater.


The motor’s quality and working efficiency will determine how much fuel it consumes, and how much noise it makes while heating is working. For anyone who is camping far away from home and needs to sleep in the cabin in the RV or boat or truck or car, you will need the heater to be as quiet as possible.


Beyond the warmth the motor fan will bring to you, a good quality motor and chamber will make your heater much safer, too. After all, non-stop inside the combustion chamber will cause small explosions, and it runs on volatile fuel. Therefore, you need the top-quality heater. Moreover, cheap, low-quality chamber tends to leak carbon dioxide into the cabin, which will threaten your health. It does not mean the harm happen as soon as you start the heater, but it will, sooner or later. So it is not right to just consider short-term, buy quality heaters now, and enjoy the benefits of quality heaters in the future, maybe longer than 5 or 8 years.

fan motor.png

Glow Plug

Glow plugs, also known as spark plugs are the other heater parts that make the heater good or bad. Its main purpose is — to start up the chain reaction inside the motor, by igniting. Those un-pros will think this little device/part is not important at all. However, it is not the case.


Professional mechanics or engineers know this small part matters a lot. It will break your diesel heater experience if it is a low quality level one. Lots of Chinese diesel heaters are installing  cheap glow plugs, esp. the heaters with no brand. They DO work under normal conditions, however, when the outside temperature turns low, you will find that it is very hard to start the heater again.


The most recommended glow plug is the Kyocera glow plugs. The JP glow plugs support the maximum number of ignitions, 30,000 times. The plugs of 2kw air is:

glow plug.png

Controller Part ECU

Controller unit ECU, also called the “brain” or the “electronic heart” of a parking heater. It not only allow you to use it but also controls every part within the heater in certain working sequence, making it essential for the safe operation of the device.

Good parking heaters have control systems that automatically check all the parts every time you turn them on, making sure everything in perfect order. The way how the controller unit display is same essential as its function. Webasto controllers are all wrapped within plastic covers, like JP Heaters’ below. Any other cheap heaters’ controllers are different, so it is the least we would like to recommend.


We hope this blog will help you decide whether parking heater is a good investment or not. JP Heater is a wonderful choice for you. Its top quality will last for a long lifetime. It is the best parking heater you can find on the heater market in China or the globe. Welcome to share this blog to your website or Facebook to let more people know about JP Diesel Heaters, Petrol Heater, Water Bolier Combi Heaters.

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