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Important information about fake / counterfeit heaters under the brand name Belief & TuiTe & JP Heater.


It has been recent increase of the diesel air heaters/water heaters illegally sold on the internet under the brand name Belief & TuiTe & JP China. Most of these products are listed on eBay, Amazon, and Ali-Express. These fake heaters are distributed through online stores by unknown sellers. The heaters have no labels Belief & TuiTe, have completely different design, and unknown quality. These heaters are sold with no warranty and after-sale support. If you buy fake heater Belief & TuiTe & JP Heater, you will have hard time to get your money back.


We assume no responsibility whatsoever for JP counterfeit heaters. No warranty or any other claims will be accepted for these fake heaters.


The original JP heaters are sold in UK, Denmark and Canada through authorized dealers only. All available models are listed on our website or websites of our dealers. Please identify original JP heater to avoid purchasing fake product. Please refer to the images below showing a labeling of the original JP heaters


We strongly recommend contacting us or our dealers prior purchasing the heaters. 

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